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Daniel Robertson, Boog Powell reassigned to minor league camp

The Rays score a bunch of runs, some of them via the home run! Hooray! Also, Daniel Robertson and Boog Powell were reassigned to minor league camp, and there's tons of audio clips to share.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the Rays won 10-3, led by home runs from Souza and Forsythe. Plus Nick Franklin and Tim Beckham has RBIs! Score 1 (or 10) for the little guys! YEAR OF DESTINY!

But look, we're not here to talk about the past. It's a brand new day for baseball, and we need to keep looking forward. It's not about yesterday, it's about tomorrow. But first, today:

Postgame Interviews

Here are some videos about yesterday:

  • Alex Cobb is perfectly fine with how he pitched, even though it wasn't his best day. He said that when things are going well, you don't make adjustments, but when things aren't going your way, you'll learn to make the adjustments you need to to succeed.
  • He talked a lot about those adjustments, and the importance of being aggressive on your follow through.

  • Cash says Robertson and Powell were both reassigned to minor league camps yesterday. It's to be expected, but I was kind of hoping to get to see them around a bit longer.
  • Corey Brown is looking pretty good! Cash says he's hitting every type of pitch thrown at him. Why are we still talking about Corey Brown?

Counterpoint: Robertson and Powell need every dray reps, which is something they'll be getting in a heavier focus in minor league camp. Furthermore, Matt Silverman was clear that the Rays would not have invited either player to camp, but chose to honor the invites given to them by the Athletics prior to their acquisition.

The Rays normally don't have this very early round of cuts because those players are normally not invited. This is standard process elsewhere in the league, and we'll likely see both later.

Rays Notes

- CBS's Jon Heyman reports that Kevin Cash's contract with the Rays is for five years, the same length the previous skipper landed when he jumped ship. That's huge for the first time manager, and the youngest in the game.

"Kevin is a great communicator," Silverman said. "He has a keen baseball mind. He's the kind of guy who can be on the forefront of the changes in the game for years to come."

- On the heels of being named the starting center fielder, Roger Mooney has a profile on how the gold glove nominated Kevin Kiermaier hopes to improve in his sophomore season.

- Matt Baker has a profile on Justin O'Conner's 8-grade arm that's a fun read. Best quote of the bunch:

"Any time he throws, everybody stops what you're doing," Cash said. "The conversation stops, and you watch him throw."

- Today! Today is another day of televised baseball. Here's your lineup on TCN (Philly broadcast):

Nate Karns and the Rays will be televised tomorrow as well on MASN.

- Congrats to Andy Sonnanstine on making his Rays Radio debut yesterday, telecasting the game with The Great Neil Solondz

- The Boys & Girls Clubs of Charlotte County were in Rays camp this week, bringing smiling faces with them:

- MLB Network was also in Rays camp yesterday, and among the players interviewed (Jaso, Moore) was the face of the franchise cementing his intentions to stay in Tampa Bay:

With that press coverage comes a barrage of interviews:

- Matt Silverman says that this year's Rays still has it's traditional focus on pitching and run prevention:

- Kevin Cash discusses how fortunate he and Matt Silverman are to take over a franchise that's in great shape:

- and Matt Moore discusses his road back from injury:

It's worth mentioning Moore will be taking a break from throwing over the next two weeks as a scheduled rest period in his recovery from Tommy John.

- Lastly, Evan Longoria was also on Mike & Mike yesterday morning, and among many personal and Rays topics discussed, went at length into the previous manager's themed road trips.


- Jeff Moore and Andrew Koo have a giant read on what it means to scout with plate discipline as a consideration, and it's well worth your time. Daniel Robertson is discussed along the way.

- Will Ferrell did his best to break baseball internet yesterday, here's a recap of his efforts to raise awareness and money for cancer research while playing for ten ballclubs. You can even check out his pitchFX here: one curveball, 55.8 mph.

Lot's of stuff on Fangraphs:

- Neil Weinberg says Ian Desmond has developed a weakness. I don't believe him.

- Who are the best bargains in baseball? Owen Watson makes a list, Desmond Jennings and Kevin Kiermaier make the cut.

- Jonah Pemstein investigates ERA consistency.

- Carson Cistulli looked into predicting performance for college players.

- Finally, in other Rays news, look at this giant f-ing stingray! 14 feet, 800 lbs!