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Alex Cobb Leaves Game with Forearm Tightness

But whatever. It doesn't sound serious.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

According to Marc Topkin, Rays ace Alex Cobb left the game with forearm tightness. It's not a strain. It's not a sprain. It's not a rip, tear, or implosion. So I think things should be okay for now.

Here's video from Topkin:

Here's the deal: Cobb is fine. Why? Because I already ordered it. And you can too, frankly.

For those who don't know: Matt Moore is coming back from an exploded elbow, Drew Smyly's arm fell off, and Alex Colome died or something. It's bad enough the Rays are going to need Cobb to fill the No. 1, No. 4, and No. 5 spots in the rotation. Having to do so while spraying blood from his forearm would be downright dangerous.

So let's all agree that this isn't a serious thing; that it's a small thing; and there's nothing to worry about. Everything is fine.

Everything is fine.

*throws the order over shoulder, toward space*