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DRB Montgomery Biscuits Draft

A very expensive player
A very expensive player
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago, the DRB Montgomery Biscuits fantasy league held our auction draft. It was originally planned for the end of February, but technical difficulties delayed it until mid-March.

Once we started, the draft went off without a hitch, except for some unfortunate mistypes.

Myself, I didn't really go in with a strategy and immediately found myself in trouble as I had spent more and gotten less than most other teams in the draft, making it so I was unable to compete until everyone else had dwindled their cap space.

Mike Trout was the first overall pick and went for $60, and the draft escalated quickly from there.

The most unfortunate incident of the night occurred when new Rays infielder, Asdurbal Cabrera was nominated for bidding. One of our owners had the misfortune of typing an extra 6, causing him to place a bid for $66, effectively winning the player and giving him highest salary in the league.

We started the draft around 8:30 pm and the last pick was made at 1:01 am, with most teams coming close to filling out a starting lineup.

Here's how each team shaped up.

Sanford's Generic Team Name - Adam Sanford

Sanford's Team

Hill Valley Time Travelers - Jared S Ward

Didn't participate in draft due to scheduling conflict

Prospect Manipulator - Dylan C Crain

Prospect Manipulator

Just a Bit Outside - Tfelsmaier

Just a Bit Outside

West Coast Road Trip - Jeremy.Drier

West Coast Road Trip

One God $@!% Hit - HeavyDRay

The poor owner who signed Cabrera for $66. According to the rules, the only way he is off the hook for the salary is if he trades Cabrera or places him on waivers and someone claims him within 10 days. If he releases Cabrera, he will still be on the hook for half of his salary and anyone who signs Cabrera will have to pay at least half as well.

One GD Hit

The Buttheads - Chod

The Buttheads

Dream On - Kthomas9

Dream On

#Friedman's Failures - Jrjs

Friedmans Failures

Sheepdogs - richieAllen

Didn't participate in draft - abandoned league


Rays CF 13

OsKiermaier BaLoney - GatorDave15

OsKiermaier BaLoney

So the question on everyone's lips is whether or not Cabrera will be able to fulfill that hefty contract of his. I know I believe in him. Do you?