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GDT: Rays on Sun Sports!

Taking on Minnesota

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

You get Nate Karns, and YOU get Nate Karsn, and you get Nate Karns.

The Rays make their Sun Sports debut today, shortly, and guess who's pitching?

Nate Karns again! The one guy kinda guaranteed to start the season in the rotation, as the best of the depth not injured.

#Rays principal owner Stu Sternberg taking questions before #Rays #Twins #SpringTraining

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Anyway, I'm thrilled to have Sun Sports back in our lives. Bring me the annoyed analysis of Brian Anderson. Bring me the honey hunting of Todd Kalas in the stands. But most of all bring me Dewayne Staats's goofy afro, incredible mustache, and broken ribs (hope he's ok!). I hope he never leaves the broadcast. In fact I hope he descends into Harry Caray legend for the Rays. Strong possibility of that becoming a reality, with the longer he broadcasts the goofier his comments get.

Hey, if the moon were made out of spare ribs, wouldya eat it?