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Rays set Alex Cobb in motion for Opening Day Starter

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays have named their starters for the first four games of the season, setting two interesting names in motion. Right out of the gate we have the likely and the darkhorse for fifth starter in the Rays rotation.

Nate Karns and Matt Andriese will be competing with Alex Colome (who will be promoted either way, and likely serves a bullpen role), and newcomer Burch Smith.

Following the two competing names, Alex Cobb takes the mound on Saturday March 7th, putting him on a five game rotation schedule for opening day on April 6th, and he is followed by an interesting name.

Chris Archer entered camp bulked up and looking "season ready" according to the manager, and he slots in right behind Cobber. Whether Archer remains in that slot will take a month to decide, but entering the season my suspected No. 2 starter was southpaw Drew Smyly.


5 vs. Orioles - Nate Karns

6 vs Twins - Matt Andriese

7 at Pirates - Alex Cobb

8 vs. Phillies - Chris Archer

Setting the rotation is a long draw in Spring, there's no guarantees and Smyly is on a unique bullpen schedule due to how he operates. If we project out the calendar, here's the rotation for Cobb and Archer:

9 at Yankees

10 at Red Sox (SS), vs. Pirates (SS)

11 at Twins

12 vs Blue Jays - Cobb

13 at Phillies

14 at Orioles

15 vs. Mets

16 - off day

17 at Phillies - Cobb

18 at Blue Jays, 1:07

19 vs. Twins

20 vs. Blue Jays

21 vs. Twins

22 at Blue Jays, 12:37 - Cobb

23 vs. Pirates

24 - off day

25 at Twins

26 vs. Yankees

27 at Orioles - Cobb

28 vs. Red Sox

29 at Red Sox

30 vs. Orioles

31 at Orioles (SS), vs. Red Sox (SS)


1 at Yankees - Cobb

2 at Phillies

3 at Tigers

4 vs. Tigers at Tropicana Field, 12:35

5 - off day

6 - Opening Day - Cobb