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Chris Archer named Opening Day starter

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Archer has been named Opening Day starter for the Rays, something that needs formalized from a press perspective and is an incredible honor for any pitcher, but if you watched yesterday's broadcast Archer wasn't jumping for joy.

He knows this was Alex Cobb's mantle. He is thankful for the recognition, ready to win games for this team and step up, but also not boisterous about it.

He encourages all to wear their stripes, which has become the Archer motif to match the socks he wears on the mound. To rise up.

"I'm excited for sure," said Archer. "Not excited that Cobb and Smyly and Colome are all out. I know that Cobb was ready to take the ball and this is just a temporary thing. They're all going to be back by the end of April... We'll hold it down."

This is Opening Day we are approaching, and honestly it could use more excitement.

Kevin Cash said of Archer that his hard work earned him this opportunity.


- As for the rest of the rotation, we have the front three named for the opening series against Baltimore, order to be determined:

- Rob Manfred was in house yesterday, and pointed to the stadium situation as being the Rays' biggest issue, asking goverment to step up and play their role for a community asset. Among other comments were that the Cubs' tampering charges are still pending, but a resolution is expected within the next 1-2 weeks.

- It looks like Logan Forsythe is the second baseman.

- McGee and Moore return to throwing today.

- And finally, a belated congratulations to Tommy Rancel!