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Tampa Bay Rays Spring Training 2015 Broadcast Schedule

Because it's hard to keep straight.

You mean I can't watch if I'm not in Port Charlotte?
You mean I can't watch if I'm not in Port Charlotte?
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays will kick off their Spring Training Schedule today, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to watch (unless you can make it out to Port Charlotte at 1:05). Audio will be available to those with audio subscriptions (included in an subscription).

The first game that will be broadcast on will be March 9th, in Tampa, and the first game broadcast on Sun Sports will be March 19th.

It's sort of tough to keep straight, so I've made a handy-dandy schedule that includes all of the available media outlets. I make no promises about it's accuracy, especially concerning, whose site is sort of messed up right now. If there are problems, please explain in the comments and I'll update.

For the games that are not televised, the Rays are kind enough to record highlights and release them to the general public. You will find those both here and on the DRaysBay Youtube Channel.

Rays Spring Training Schedule

Here's the link to a more-quickly-updateable version.