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The Tampa Bay Rays first spring training game video highlights

No television, but still video.

The star of the first show.
The star of the first show.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays got their Grapefruit League season started when they hosted the Baltimore Orioles in Port Charlotte. The game wasn't televised but this Spring, the Rays will be putting together highlight videos of each game along with a few videos and generously providing them for your enjoyment. Because the care.

You can view the complete Rays Spring training broadcast schedule here.

Some notes on what you'll see:

  • The Rays appreciate the United States military, and guys with parachutes are cool.
  • If you want new manager Kevin Cash to take you seriously, it seems like you should wear glasses.
  • Karns struck out Alejandro De Aza swinging to start the game. Looks like a fastball down to me, but it's really impossible to tell how a pitch looks from this camera angle. I'm just saying this to stave off the inevitable discussions about whether a guy's stuff looks good or bad. If you weren't there sitting behind home plate, you don't know.
  • Everth Cabrera isn't quite up to speed on his baserunning yet.
  • David DeJesus misplays a fly ball at the wall, and Kevin Kiermaier misplays the backup (probably expecting DDJ to catch it), but the moral of the story is "Don't run on KK's arm. Ever."
  • A decent throw by Brandon Guyer, but this one is sort of another "wake up, Everth Cabrera" moment.
  • Newly back from Japan (did he ever leave?). . .  the one . . . the only . . . Joey Butler. Seriously, though, the problem him has always been his strikeouts. In limited time in triple-A recently, he's cut down on them. If that change is real, the Rays may have an intriguing piece of depth.
  • Rays lose.

Here is starting pitcher Nate Karns after the game:

According to Karns:

  • Baseball is fun.
  • All of his fielders look great.
  • He wasn't scheduled to complete two innings, but he only threw eleven pitches in the first, so "they" asked him if he wanted to go back out.
  • He threw all of his pitches, especially working in the changeup to lefties.
  • "The clock was cool."
  • Really, the world is just a great place, baseball is here, and everything is cool.

And here's manager Kevin Cash:

According to Cash:
  • Praise for the defense of the outfield arms (meaning Kevin Kiermaier and Brandon Guyer) and Asdrubal Cabrera at shortstop.
  • Kevin Cash has played with Joey Butler, so he's "seen him do that . . . hopes he keeps doing it."
  • He's tired of talking about his first time _____. Hopes from now on we can talk about the players. Doubtful.
  • Karns looked good; "seemed to pitch up in the zone, but made a couple pitches when it counted."
  • "[Alex] Colome is getting his work in . . . not fair to punish a guy for being held up [by visa issues] . . . he's still very much a factor [in the competition for the fifth starter spot]"