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Rays shave their heads for Pediatric Cancer Center

For the sixth year running.


Like every year, many of the Rays shaved their heads today to show support for the Pediatric Cancer Center. Most of the time there is a high level of participation throughout the team, and this year was no exception. Here, we can see Rene Rivera, Nathan Karns, and Logan Forsythe sitting in the barber's chair, about to get their hair cut by kids. It's really pretty adorable.

Some thoughts:

  • Rene Rivera is pretty silent throughout the whole ordeal. Do you think that, a year ago, he could have ever expected that this would happen to him?
  • Nathan Karns is pretty engaging, and has some great back-and-forth with his makeshift barber.
  • That might have been the first time I've ever seen Logan Forsythe smile. Is that why he's called Frosty? I was never clear on that.

Joining the festivities was even Matt Moore's DOG.

Enjoy some collected pictures and tweets: