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Brandon Guyer injures "left side" in batting practice

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Guyer will be missing some valuable playing time for at least a few days with a strain on his left side. The injury removes him from covering center field in today's Spring Training lineup.

It's unknown if it was an oblique or his lat, but Guyer reported feeling "a little grab" on his left side during batting practice Friday morning, and the Rays will need to take that very seriously.

Guyer has a history of injuries prior to major league promotions, most devastatingly in the 2012 season when he re-injured his left shoulder, tearing his labrum. The surgery to repair his shoulder required seven anchors to be placed in his back to fully reattach his muscle, but the result was positive, reportedly even more extension in his swing after a year long recovery.

The bench outfielder served a utility role with David DeJesus in left field last season, amassing 294 plate appearances with a .316 wOBA (17% above average) and contributing 1.6 fWAR to the team. With some nice speed on the base paths and ability from the right side of the plate, Guyer is an important part of the 2015 roster.

For his part, Guyer says he "doesn't think it's serious" and that the Rays are "just being cautious." He's taking anti-inflammatory medication and expects to return soon.

You can here his full comments on the matter here: