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DRB Tweetbag: a mailbag for the new millennium

The return of a feature that no one missed...

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Once upon a time, DRB had a mailbag. It wasn't very popular, because, what is this, 1995? Who wants to use email? Was your fax broken? The only thing I want to see in an email is my mom warning me (again) that Obama is the anti-Christ.

So we're rolling out something more fitting for the new millennium: a tweetbag? Is that a word? It sounds more like an insult. Maybe something Dan Savage might say.

The point of this thing is for you to send us your questions so we can put together a column that requires little work on our end. We're lazy, basically.

Simple: you tweet your question to @draysbay and tag it with #drbtweetbag. Then we'll go through them, pull out the good ones (or the ones so bad they are good), and answer them. They can be informative or opinionated, funny or serious. We just want to hear what you're thinking.

It's the royal We. I mean, if you have questions for Brett or Ian or Danny or whatever, I'll try and get answers from them. Or maybe I'll make up an answer for them if it's funnier that way. In any case, the we is me.

Baseball related stuff, of course. In-game reaction hottakes are always good. Stuff that's funny. Questions about Rays news tidbits, or blogging questions. "Nomo, where do you get all your brilliant ideas" kinda questions. Photos of Evan actually working at Ducky's. That sort thing.

First off, Joe, don't you have some penguins to take care of? Second, what do you know about "rings?" And knock it off with the five dollar words, you aren't impressing anybody anymore.

But no, we aren't married to the term "tweetbag." Honestly, we'd love to come up with another term that didn't sound so ridiculous. So if you have a better one, feel free to tweet it at us.

Just tag it with #drbtweetbag, or we might not see it.

That's not really a question, Skip, but thanks anyway.