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GDT: Today we say goodbye to the Citrus Series (TM)

oh citrus seriesoh citrus serieswe hardly knew ye

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There comes a time in everyone's life when we must stare time in the face and say goodbye to the things we thought we loved. Today the Citrus Series, our most treasured of traditions, is ending, and the world seems just a little bit darker. You may find you do not have the strength to go on. But I implore you to look deeper within yourself and find those reservoirs of strength that you never knew you had.

Although the light has gone out of our lives, you are still free to live. The Citrus Series may be gone, perhaps for good, but you may find that nothing can shatter your indomitable spirit. Stay strong, oh beloved friends, stay strong for your family, your peers, and your country. The Citrus Series is gone, never to come back, but you do not need to leave with it. Stay strong. We will persevere.

The Rays play the Miami Marlins again on September 29 at 7:10 PM. The game will be broadcast on Sun Sports.

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