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Justin O'Conner guns down Byron Buxton on steal attempt

Do not run on Justin O'Conner

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Rays have something special in Justin O'Conner, a catching prospect with the Double-A Montgomery Biscuits to start the season. His arm earn's 8-grades across the board, and typically moves so fast that catching the moment on camera should be considered an accomplishment.

Earlier this year, prospect writer Kiley McDaniel had this to say about O'Conner:

O'Conner is still a power over hit guy that will strike out a fair amount, but the offensive standard for catchers is low and he'll be at least average behind the plate and likely be better due to his top-of-the-scale 80 arm with a freaky quick release that allows him to put up ridiculous pop times in the 1.7s.

Less than two seconds. Heck, less than 1.8 seconds. We can get that specific.

Yesterday that arm was put to the test, when the Montgomery Bisuits faced off against Chattanooga, a Twins affiliate featuring Top-5 propect Byron Buxton. How fast is he on the basepaths? Just try and watch.

So what do you think happen when Buxton tried to run on O'Conner in yesterday's game?

No doubt about it.

How can the announcer be so casual?

Later in the game, O'Conner would tally his first home run on the season as well.

Can't wait to see this kid promoted.