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Rene Rivera playing first base tonight, Tim Beckham short stop

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays take on Toronto's left handed Daniel Norris tonight, and in announcing their line up, the Rays have lifted the replacement-first baseman Allan Dykstra for... Rene Rivera?

When Ian previewed the Rays offense against Norris, it was Longo-Souza-Jennings-Cabrera-Guyer who led the projections, and we have them in the front five. The rest is ancillary, thought it should be noted Forsythe is the other Rays player active and projected above average.


From there, Rivera comves in the seventh strongest choice, and here he is. It's a pity the Rays couldn't sneak Mikie Mahtook into the order, but at the end of the order defense is the higher priority.

So is this a vote of confidence in Tim Beckham playing short stop, or more a concern for Cabrera after taking a piece of rubber turf to the eye in yesterday's game?