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Tim Beckham robbed of a homerun by Kevin Pillar

And Rays takes on wearing No. 42

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the Rays trotted Erasmo Ramirez out onto the field as the fifth starter in the rotation, and it was unfortunately ugly. I did not watch the game, you can't see 'em all, but this morning I was particularly impressed by the performance of both teams in the highlight reel.

Sure a 12-7 scoreline will produce some videos, but there are 29 on this morning. The range of Logan Forsythe, the bat of Steven Souza (finally showing some thunderous power), but also the ups of Kevin Pillar.

My goodness, watch this twice:

"It's higher than I thought I could jump," he says in that second video.

Well no kidding.

Climbing the wall is a regular practice in Japan, but it's rarely on display in the states. Pillar's cleat grabbed the wall just enough on this one.

But on the man who was robbed: Tim Beckham has been making the most of his opportunities while Nick Franklin has been on the disabled list this month. He ran out a (poor) bunt attempt early in last night's game with some impressive speed, and across eight games has gotten on base seven times, including a triple and a home run.

I don't think his performance is enough to preclude Franklin's return to the starting line up, but I'm happy for the player who's had a long road - top overall draft choice, slow development, blown out knee. Being promoted, even for a short while, has to be a very rewarding experience - and that includes being able to wear the No. 42:

Below, Chris Archer discusses Jackie Robinson as well, particularly in light of his recent trip to South Africa.

Archer takes the mound this evening against Sanchez in hopes of winning this four game series for the Rays.


- After the game, per Marc Topkin:

Cash said he expected Ramirez to "get his work in" and make some adjustments but also said it was too early to say if he gets another start.

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