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Evan Longoria injury update after Hit By Pitch in Toronto

Day-to-day, but feeling ok?

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The big story from last night was the drilling of Evan Longoria. After Archer clipped two batters in his more-wild seventh, the Blue Jays quite intentionally nailed Longoria in the hip with a fastball.

There was no doubt that it was intentional, and Longoria was clearly injured. He didn't even make it to first base before he was sent to the locker room.

He's day-to-day, and at risk of becoming the 10th Rays player on the DL.

Some notes per Marc Topkin:

"I'm gonna do my best to play,'' Longoria said after the game in Toronto. "Gut feeling right now is I would play. There's nothing structurally wrong. So unless I wake up and I can't walk tomorrow morning I'll be in there.''

Longoria was hit by a pitch - intentionally, he said, in retaliation for Rays starter Chris Archer hitting two Blue Jays batters - by Toronto RHP Marco Estrada, who was a college teammate at Long Beach State and remains a friend, who he was talking with before the game.

"I don't have any hard feelings toward him,'' Longoria said. "It escalated and it looks a lot worse than it probably would have been had it hit me in a different spot and it not ended up the way it did. I guess, ultimately, you have to protect your guys.''

Escalated is an understatement.

It was very clear that Longoria was not expecting the pitch inside in the slightest, otherwise he might have taken a more defensive stance. Based on actions by Mark Buehrle on the top steps of the Blue Jays dugout, Toronto's players knew it was coming while the Rays players did not.

As Longo said, it should be interesting to see how the teams play out in their next series Fri. Apr. 24 - Sun. Apr. 26.

You can watch the full video here.