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Rob Manfred promises in-market streaming of MLB Games

Possibly this year.

The lack of in-market streaming of baseball games was the bane of my existence during college. When I could no longer afford cable, two years of my life were spent going to Strozier Library on Florida State's campus to watch Rays games in the lounge by the Starbucks on the first floor.

My past self is quite jealous.

In an extensive interview with new commissioner Rob Manfred, the Wall Street Journal delivered this great exchange this afternoon:

WSJ: You've discussed how important technology is to reach young fans. When will a 15-year-old in New York be able to watch a Yankees game on his phone?

Manfred: The best way to answer that question is to say the better part of my workday today was consumed by the topic of in-market streaming. It is particularly complicated in the context of a media market that is changing so quickly, but I do believe we will get a solution on in-market streaming in the relatively near future.

WSJ: Sometime this year?

Manfred: I hope so. I'd like to believe there will be games streamed at some point this year.


Baseball has been so advanced in allowing fans access to data, and facilitating the cultivation of stats, but to SEE the product on your personal devices? To not be tethered to the television screen? That's real change that will appeal to the masses, even if it simply means being able to stream in your home when the television is occupied.

Thank you Rob Manfred and your progressive ways. Keep it coming.