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Ryan Brett leaves game with partial shoulder dislocation

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Brett got his very first start at second base this evening against the Red Sox, and nothing went the way it should.

After two errant throws to first base, the second of which sent into the dirt on a take out slide by Mookie Betts, the Rays prospect legged out an infield single to his prototype - Dustin Pedroia.

Wade Miley nearly picked him off in the following at bat, then got him out out later diving into the base. Brett immediately left the game and looked quite injured. The team made an immediate switch in the line up.

Shortly thereafter it was announced Ryan Brett suffered a partially dislocated left shoulder.

Todd Kalas reported during the broadcast that Ryan Brett caught his left arm in the dirt on the dive back into the bag, and needed it popped back into place.

You can see his left arm catch in the replay on both angles.

Ryan Brett likely becomes the eleventh Rays player to reach the disabled list from the major league roster.

With an already depleted roster, the Rays will sorely miss his speed.