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The Rays Tank: Last friday before baseball


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There are no more Fridays before the start of the real baseball season, David DeJesus is still a Ray, and the rotation is still a lot less healthy than we'd like it to be.

This isn't news, either, but at least the Rays should have a pretty good bullpen. According to ZiPS WAR projections, they should have the second best in baseball (although, of course, a large percentage of that is in the form of the currently injured Jake McGee).

Odorizzi will pitch today.

Other Links:

Kevin Ruprecht at Beyond the Box Score has an interesting observation that Billy Beane has been getting rid of fly ball hitters while. At the same time, the Rays seem to be stocking up on flyball pitchers. Seems like both teams think the flyball is favoring the defense right now.

The backup catcher race between Curt Casali and Bobby WIlson is tight. Wilson is in the lineup tonight.

And seriously, that's all I've got. Slow baseball time, about to pick up.