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Evan Longoria hits Opening Day homerun

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Longoria hit the first Rays home run of the season, a long shot to deep left field.

Making beautiful contact off a Chris Tillman slider down and in during the seventh inning, Longoria scored the first Rays run during what's been a difficult game for the club. Most of all, however, was the sound.

Just listen to that lovely knock the ball makes against Longo's lumber. Baseball is back.

This marks Longoria's third career home run on Opening Day, which marks a club record for the first game of the season.

Video above courtesy of Rays Index on twitter, including the Rays Radio call.

Previously in the game, James Loney was tagged out at home plate, with the call upheld after review for blocking the plate, which would have been the Rays first run.

If you are so luck as to be at Ducky's right now, enjoy that free beer.