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Don Zimmer's number 66 retired by the Tampa Bay Rays

Prior to the Opening game of the 2015 season, the Tampa Bay Rays honored long time team adviser Don Zimmer by retiring his No. 66, worn the year he passed away.

Fittingly, the ceremony on the field was conducted by Evan Longoria, who was close to the Zimmer family, and could often be found playing cards with Zimmer in the clubhouse.

The widowed Soot Zimmer and family were on the field for the presentation of a No. 66 jersey, adorned with the "ZIM" patch worn by the team in 2014. The ceremony also featured a moving video, and the reveal of the No. 66 retired on the left field wall below Jackie Robinson's No. 42 and Wade Boggs's No. 12.

This was the final tribute in a long six months for the team, which previously included Matt Silverman's unveiling of "Don Zimmer Way" for the road leading between the Spring Training complex and fields, as well as the Rays all wearing the No. 66 or Brooklyn uniforms in honor of the team mentor during last season.