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MLB wants your Rays Mount Rushmore

Using players only, unfortunately.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The new MLB campaign is asking us to vote for the mount rushmore of former players for every team, which they are calling "2015 Franchise Four."


The players from each group receiving the most votes will be honored at the MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati.

The current system allows you to vote for four players among:

- Carl Crawford, LF

- Scott Kazmir, SP

- Evan Longoria, 3B

- Carlos Pena, 1B

- David Price, SP

- James Shields, SP

- Melvin Upton Jr., CF

- Ben Zobrist, 2B

- Write-in Vote

Do you see that last one? Internet, your moment has come. Absent the ability to vote via twitter, this campaign is likely to be limited and easily influenced by the real fans, such as yourselves, so I'm calling for a readership vote to get the fill in the blank honored at the All-Star Game.

So, collectively, who should we choose?

I'm tempted to say a former catcher is the best choice, from which there would be many to choose. Toby Hall, Gregg Zaun, Kevin Cash, Dioner Novarro, Jose MVP Molina.

Perhaps one of the storied outfielders of days past: Manny Ramirez, who retired four years ago today as a Ray, the Rocco Baldelli we all know and love, maybe Matt MOM Joyce, or - somehow - the platoon of Gabe's Gross and Kapler.

Then there's the incredible run of Designated Hitters, a certain Johnny Damon, David DeJesus, Jose Caseco, Cliff Floyd, or Luke Scott.

Or just maybe you want to go the route of obscure Rays... maybe the Great Pumpkin.

Jump in the comment section, and write a player's name. If the player you'd like to vote for is already in the comments, rec the comment.

Voting ends May 8th.