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GDT: Juan Francisco loses $2M

This could have gone better.

Today the Rays play the Orioles again. Remember in 2011 when the Rays were swept by Baltimore, and also started the season 0-6? Maddon said that they were the best 0-6 team in history and he was right.

Baseball is back and so is uncertainty.

Speaking of uncertainty... had a certain Juan Francisco not opted out of his contract with the Rays on Sunday, he might be playing in the Majors tonight, on a $2M contract no less.

Instead, the Rays turn to the fourth man on the left-handed 1B/DH depth chart, and the Allan Dykstra era begins... for at least two weeks.

Loney likely returns two weeks from now - and in the mean time, Allan Dykstra gets his turn of pulling a Casey Kotchman. Which began four years ago today. Deja vu?