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Rays Tank: A-Gon' crazy, Yankees finally get local coverage, and there's baseball on Netflix

Also the Rays won.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, the Rays got their first win of the season last night in the most Rays way possible:

Source: FanGraphs

That's right. The only notable event was a walk. Be sure to check out Charlie's recap.

Topkin had some good quotes from after the game. Said manager Kevin Cash:

"Can't say enough about what [Odorizzi] did. Came out, stepped up. Really kept them off balance throughout. One reason the pitch count got high was because he had so many strikeouts early on. But he threw the ball well and executed his game plan that he and Hick and Stan went over with to the T."

I dunno about you guys and gals, but I'm excited about Jake Odorizzi's season. After how he finished last year and how he looked last night, I feel like we might have a fly-ball version of Alex Cobb on our hands. But maybe I'm just drinking too much Kool Aid.

Rays News

  • Did you know this was the first time that 1B James Loney has gone to the DL? That's pretty impressive for a guy with 4736 PA.
  • Also in that article, we're still not sure who's starting Friday, either Matt Andriese or Erasmo Ramirez. I'd think Ramirez, but I've also noticed Cash seems to put a lot more faith in the young guys than the previous regime.
  • These are the locations for all the pitches thrown to Allan Dykstra in his debut. Yeah, welcome to the bigs, bro:

Around Baseball

  • Trying to figure out where the Rays will go after the St. Pete Council finishes emptying it's bowels all over them? Well our boy Chris Mitchell at THT has a breakdown of seven key, possibly racist points to look for in a new city.
  • Baseball Prospectus has launched a group of sub-sites for local fans. So far they have coverage for the Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs. It naturally follows that the Rays are the next team in line.
  • Carson Cistulli of FanGraphs breaks down the best collegiate hitters and pitchers, as judged by hopefully predictive statistics.
  • Adrian Gonzalez had 5 dingers in the first 3 games. No has ever done that before.
  • Seth Keichline at TG built a guide for all the baseball movies and shows on Netflix. The best movie of the bunch is almost certainly Sandlot 2, which I've not seen, but I'm sure is an homage to Gremlins 2.
  • Apparently the Yankees had a crazy comeback against the Blue Jays. I dislike both teams just enough to not link any articles on the matter.