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Rays 4, Twins 6: Sometimes ya just gotta tip your cap

Colome buckles, Bellatti shines, Beckham crushes, Jepsen fails

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Ahhhh, today was vintage 2014. Start off slow, come back, surprise everyone, and then break their hearts near the end thanks to some bullpen problems.

Alex Colome pitched even worse than his line illustrates. He was all over the place, throwing meatballs and even though he didn't walk anyone, he gave up six hits and hit Brian Dozier. It's not exactly the sort of performance we were all looking for after his solid couple of starts. For the Rays to be successful this year, the young pitchers need to step up more than ever before to fill the Cobb and Smyly sized holes. Maybe he's just sick with whatever Longoria and Geltz had. And despite it all, he's still a damn good #5. Boy I can't wait for Matt Moore to come back.

As shaky as Colome was however, Andrew Bellatti managed to somehow escape allowing any runs for 2.2 innings, running his scoreless inning streak to start his major league career to six. Bellati benefited from a stellar throw by Rene Rivera to catch Brian Dozier stealing third base. Perhaps most impressively, after allowing a single and a double in the sixth inning, Bellatti struck out the side to end the inning, stranding runners on third and second. It was pretty great, and I would like to see more pitch analysis of Bellatti to make heads or tails of whether or not he can be a useful piece to the major league club. Maybe not a high leverage guy, but an innings eater, or a caddy to Erasmo? (who, lord knows, will probably be a starting pitcher until September with the Rays' injury luck.

In the seventh Cash called to Jepsen, who immediately looked shaky. Torii Hunter singled to left and Joe Mauer drew a walk. Right after that, Trevor Plouffe hit a roller right in front of the pitcher. Jepsen, clearly, was thinking double play all the way, but the ball wasn't going anywhere. Instead, Jepsen rushed the throw to second, pulling Beckham off the bag and making sure no outs were recorded. A sac fly and a base hit later, and the Twins had scored the decisive two runs of the game. Geltz relieved Jepsen and (obviously) struck out the only guy he faced, but it didn't matter too much.

Logan Forsythe was the MVP today, scoring a run on a sac fly in the fourth and whacking a solo homer to left in the ninth. Unfortunately it wasn't enough and the Rays fell 6-4 today. Tomorrow they hope to avoid the sweep, and if the weather is permitting, Chris Archer will start against Kyle Gibson. Here's hoping for a Yankees loss and a Rays win.

  • Mauer channeled his inner Longoria and GIDP'd twice: once in the first and once in the third, allowing Alex Colome to dance out of innings that should've been a whole lot worse.

I miss Rusty more than I miss some of my relatives. That new guy is pretty bad.

  • Last night in the 7th when the Twins had tied the game and had a guy on 3rd base with no outs, Brian Anderson though it was a good time to mention that last year, the Twins were the worst in the league in getting a guy in in that situation. With a runner of third and less than two outs, the Twins got the guy in only 48% of the time. Of course, they immediately converted the run, but the Rays picked up when the Twins left off last year by leading off the third inning with a Cabby triple to center and not getting him in. Tim Beckham struck out, and Rene Rivera and KK fouled out, which is the most frustrating out there is, I think. Tim Beckham is a failure and we should all give up on him.

Tim Beckham is a national treasure and we should give him all of our money.

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