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GDT: Archer looks to take the Home Road Series (TM) from Baltimore

This is not Chris Archer, but hey, it's Tampa Bay! If you complain that he's not a Ray, you're a heartless jerk and you're the reason the Rays are moving to Montreal.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The Lightning won last night! That's good! The Rays also won! That's good!

I think the Rays and the Bolts live and die by each other. Every time one wins, so does the other. If we've learned anything from it, it mean we've gotta support both teams.

Even if Vinik doesn't want a baseball stadium in downtown Tampa



The big fight is tonight! Two world champions are fighting for a title and a belt! We want YOUR (yes, YOUR) opinion! Who will go home with the gold, and who will be left alone to wallow in shame, a failure to his family? Whoever wins, we win, also.

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