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Rays Tank: Smyly wants to go to rehab

The Rays starting lefty is going to rehab his shoulder in hopes he can pitch again this season.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Some sort of joke about Amy Winehouse.

Also: This news: Marc Topkin tells us Drew Smyly will try to rehab his arm into game shape instead of getting the ol' knife kiss. Topper says the Rays are "hearing good things" about the early stages of rehab, so they are going to stick with it. This could get him back before a potential run at the playoffs:

Under a rest and rehab program, it would seem the best case for Smyly to return - if all goes well - would be sometime in August. If he had the surgery, he would be out for the rest of this season and possibily part of 2016.

Have you ever wanted to look like what you imagine an All-Star third baseman might look like on his day off when he's not attending a formal function or just lounging around barefoot in his duck-feather mansion? Well Evan Longoria has your fashion solution -- he and New Balance have teamed up to released the latest 530 x sneaker. It's a shoe, but for fashions.

In case you missed it, Nathan Karns had his start pushed back in hopes to limit his rookie workload. According to my long-count calendar, the stunning Jake Odorizzi will pitch tonight. So save those Karnsy shirseys for Saturday.

Some News from Around Baseball

  • Pedro Alveraz pretty much only hits homers. Well, he did that last night, and this time went all Splash Down in the Allegheny River (well, not really; he hit a boat):
  • Remember our old friend Randy Choate? Well apparently he's apparently a late-blooming hitting prospect. He worked a 3-2 count and then took a 1-out walk in the bottom of the 9th last night.
  • It felt like the Minnesota Twins got a lot of lucky breaks in the series against the Rays. Well, apparently that's going around. Here's Joe Mauer with a 3-run groundball single:

Here's Some Transaction News:

  • The Dodgers finally had a chance to spend some more money, officially announcing they've signed Cuban "prospects" Hector Olivera and Pablo Millan Fernandez. I put "prospects" in quotes because Olivera is 28 and Fernandez is 24, and these guys have already been playing pro ball.
  • Rafael Furcal is retiring.
  • I remember when Kirk Nieuwenhuis was this hot, new outfielder for the Mets, a stable kind of workhouse centerfielder who could linger in the league for years. Now he's in DFA limbo.
  • Also Dodgers related: Hyun-jin Ryu is going forward with shoulder surgery.