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"A-Rod Juice Box Night" promotion offends Yankees

Rays cancel event at high-A Port Charlotte.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Port Charlotte Stone Crabs, the high-A affiliate for the Tampa Bay Rays, rolled out a new promotion for tonight's game to coincide with the standard Free Beer Friday: "A-Rod Juice Box Night."

Would you believe the Yankees are upset?

The announcement was made in a now-deleted tweet with the hashtag #ARodJuiceBoxNight, but thankfully we captured the image:

The fine print on that juice box:

The Sports Drink

100% Juiced

Side Affects include: tainted records, inflated ego, omission from the Hall of Fame, and more!

Those juice boxes would be available to the first 500 in the gate, and seems like a good-hearted way to poke fun at the Rays' rivals. After all, the Yankees are trying to do their best to distance themselves from anything A-Rod has done right?

Well, other than keeping him on the roster, letting him be their best player this season while denying his home run record's legitimacy, and now defending the player:

It's kinda like that rule where I can make fun of my family, but you can't. The Yankees are welcome to deny the legitimacy of what he's done for them - like knocking all those home runs, just like they're able to lean on his 145 wRC+ to get the team through April and May.

The Yankees took offense, so now the promotion is cancelled, but you know what's even more fun than the contradiction of defending a player you're trying to put down?

Acknowledging a minor league team's silly promotion at all! Because now whenever A-Rod strikes out, I get to post fun reactions like this: