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Kevin Cash slams umpires in overtime loss

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Kiermaier was unable to grab the home run sailing over the outfield fence in the tenth inning, not was Jake McGee in the ninth or Brad Boxberger in the tenth able to prevent one.

Last night was a frustrating night in Tampa Bay.

Topkin notes the moments in question:

"Terrible. Terrible. It's embarrassing," Cash said, lashing out at the umpires for the first time as a manager. "We spend so much time on pace of play, let's just get the damn call right on the field. It's terrible. They ought to be embarrassed. Feels like we got beat twice tonight."

Cash also was upset with a seventh-inning call on an Evan Longoria drive down the leftfield line that was reversed from foul by third-base ump Jerry Layne to fair, but on which Joey Butler was awarded third, not home.

"I'd like to know where Joey Butler was on Longoria's double. Very curious ..." Cash said. "They missed the call, they place the runner. That's a run. I look at it as two runs, one for us, one against us. It's terrible."

Here's just one example of umpiring-gone-crazy from the game involving Seth Smith safe at home.

Butler being called back to third, possibly arbitrarily, compounds the frustration we felt before the days of replay. Way back in the dark days of 2014.

This game was at least entertaining, and Longoria was inches away from sealing the deal himself with a near-grand slam with none out in the ninth inning. Oh, how that would have been glorious!

You can listen to all of Cash's comments here:


- Grant Balfour is gone, yet again:

- Matt Moore joined the broadcast to discuss his rehab from Tommy John. With a final extended-spring start scheduled for Thursday, his official rehabilitation would be completed within June if no set backs occur.