Noah Pransky: three ways the Rays could win City Council approval:


Here are three ways the Rays could win council approval:

1) Offer more money. Why are the Rays offering just $2M/yr to St. Pete? Why don't they offer a single penny for not fulfilling the contractual obligations of the 2027 season? I'm pretty sure if Evan Longoria wanted to get out of his contract a year early, the team would expect a hefty sum in exchange. But Mayor Kriseman's chief of staff, told the Times' Charlie Frago the city won't ask for any more money: "this is a really good deal. The mayor fought hard to get to this point."

2) Work with the mayor to cut old-fashioned political deals. Every councilmember has some pet project they need city approval for. The Rays could work with the mayor to address some of the needs in exchange for votes.

3) Create a PAC and replace unfriendly council members. This may be the most extreme option, and it may not foster much goodwill in the community...but if the Koch Brothers can do it, why can't an MLB team? "No" votes Wengay Newton and Bill Dudley will be replaced this fall because of term limits, while "no" vote Steve Kornell must run for re-election.

Shadow of the Stadium: Three Ways the Rays Can Force the Issue with St. Pete