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Alex Cobb experiences setback, no timetable for return

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays won well in Fenway last night, but it comes with a bitter taste in the mouth for both fanbases. The Red Sox lost Hanley Ramirez in the first inning to a pretty inexplicable run into the left field wall with his arm outstretched, and the Rays got word Alex Cobb's forearm injury is only getting worse.

More from Topkin:

Cobb was examined again by team orthopedist Dr. Koco Eaton, but the team did not provide details of that visit. It would seem reasonable that Cobb will also be seen by noted specialist Dr. James Andrews, who heads the Rays' medical team.

If rest doesn't work, another option before discussing surgery that has helped some pitchers is PRP therapy — an injection of platelet-rich plasma which can speed healing.

"We'll have more probably in the next two or three days," Cash said. "He just didn't feel as good as he was hoping. Anytime you're dealing with a pitcher's arm, it's obviously concerning."

It's not Tommy John, but it ain't good news either.

Rays Notes

- Kevin Kiermaier opted to wear clear spectacles after the wind in Yankee Stadium reportedly dried out his eyes, and the idea was prescient. The wind was whipping through Fenway's outfield last night, with the dirt on the outfield warning track kicking up and rising higher than the lights. DeJesus and Longoria even covered their faces with their gloves at one point.

- The Rays are supporting the Bolts all the way this road trip.

- Grant Balfour has accepted a minor league deal to return to the Rays. He's scheduled to join Durham today.


- Fangraphs has new batted ball stats! Nice! Making my life easier. Here's the skinny, and here's how to use them.

Matt Stein wrote about Logan Forsythe over at STF. So glad people finally think he's good.

- Baseball Prospectus named Burch Smith "your new favorite fringe prospect" for the Rays system, among a list of one for each team. Smith succumbed to Tommy John this spring, otherwise he would have likely started in place of Erasmo Ramirez in April.

- Matthew Trueblood on "the worst rule in replay."