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Rays Tank: Matt Andriese scratched from start and other news

Stay tuned for things!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • Everything is bullets.

Some Rays Stuff

  • This is still developing. Matt Andriese may be on his way back up. Not sure, though.
    • If he's getting called up, it's because of an injury (he went down too recently for just an average call up). It's also possible, therefore, that he's getting traded or he himself is injured. Or maybe Andriese overslept for their 11:00 am game. Who knows? He could be dead for all we know.

    • According to Topkin, we should have an update on Alex Cobb today:
    Rays officials, who have not publicly discussed the diagnosis, are expected to provide an update today, and Cobb may have his first comments.
    • Did you know the Rays have the second highest Soft Contact rate in the AL? Guess who is first. (Answer.)

    • Another stat from ESPN:

    • Remember when that trade was a big disappointment? Maybe it still kind of us for some of us, but I'm quite pleased with Drew Smyly.
    • That reminds me: Chris Archer is playing tonight. The pregame odds according to Fangraphs have the Rays as 63% favorites. That's pretty much the highest that number ever goes.

    Around the World of Baseball

    • Here, I wrote you a poem about Mike Piazza.
    • It looks like Jarrod Saltalamacchia is heading towards the Arizona Diamondbacks. Which makes sense. They're catching situation is, well, it's Tuffy Gosewisch and Jordan Pacheco.
    • At The Hardball Times, John Paschal provided a collection of old-timey photos of baseballing players. Here's one such photo of the slowest, most awful steal attempt ever:
    • Starlin Castro did his best impression of MLB 2K12, glitching his way right into our hearts last night: