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Rays 2, Angels 6: Straight up loss

Rays lose, add Paula Abdul to the active roster (probably).

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday game matched Garrett Richards against Alex Colome. Richards was hoping to bounce back from his worst start of the season -- just two-thirds of an inning against the Mets -- while Colome hoped to keep trotting along like he had in his previous time out against Seattle.


It was not pretty for either pitcher early as both struggled with command. The question seemed to be, which team was going to make their starter pay for it?

In the first, with a runner on and Mike Trout at the plate, Steven Souza dropped foul pop. You just can't give the best player in baseball extra swings. Unless, you know, you're gonna strike him out on the next pitch. Which Colome did. Good job bailing out your teammate, young man.

In the second, after a Logan Forsythe walk, Steven Souza falls behind in the count 0-2. But for whatever reason, Richards' throws an 0-2 pitch that looks a lot like a 2-0 pitch. You can't miss those.

Souza didn't, and hit it opposite field to boot. The karmic drive put the Rays up 2-0.

Same inning, Nick Franklin gets an infield single when Erick Aybar gets cut off on a high chopper by Johnny Galecki or whatever the Halo's second baseman's name is. That face you make when somebody cuts you off on the Interstate? Aybar made that face, because he clearly had the better play. But do the Rays make them pay? Sadly, no. Rene Rivera follows with a groundout to end the threat.

In the 3rd, the great Mike Trout hits a grounder to the right side of the infield. This is normally a routine grounder to second, but the pitcher should still be covering first as a matter of reflex. Colome is not. And of course this isn't a normal grounder to second, because the shift is on, plus it's Mike Trout. It's not a big delay before the Horse gets on his horse, but it's enough for Trout to beat him to the bag easily. Up to the plate steps Albert Pujols. Who promptly grounds to Longoria. Hey, we dodged another bullet.

In the 4th, after reaching on a single, Johnny Jabroni tries to swipe second on Rene Rivera. He is not successful. Teams should stop running on Rene, I'm starting to get embarrassed for them.

In the fifth, after a leadoff walk to Effren Navarro, Rivera makes a nice block on a 58' breaking ball. Just smothers it. Ball doesn't roll more than three feet away from him, giving Navarro no chance to move up. This is important, because after the next pitch, this happens:

Almost makes you think it might be our night, that the Luck Dragons are on our side. Almost...


If Jerry Seinfeld was from St. Pete: "Ever notice how Rene Rivera only has power to the biggest part of the park? What's up with that?" In the bottom of the fifth, Rene hit one high, and deep...and off the top of the wall for a double, after which he was promptly stranded at second. Still, we're up 2-0 through five, right? And while the bullpen has been a little spotty lately here and there, it's still pretty good. Yeah, it's been touch and go tonight, but I have faith in the boys.

But in a breach of protocol, Kevin Cash doesn't go to the pen. He leaves in Colome to pitch the sixth. Now, he's probably going to take him out if he give up any baserunners. But considering two of the guys due up are Trout and Pujols, isn't there a good chance that baserunner might be trotting? Do you have a bad feeling about this? I have a bad feeling about this.

With one out, Colome falls behind Trout, then challenges with a fastball. Trout goes yard.

We're not out of the sixth yet. Brandon Gomes comes in. Frosty makes a great play on a ball up the middle, but can't get Pujols. Kole Calhoun follows with a single, and Pujols hustles in to third when an out of position Longo can't get back to cover and Kiermaier's throw is off line. First and third, one out. Johnny Gambino flies to medium center. KK circles under it, looking for redemption from the previous play:

Huh. Well, maybe we just might pull this one out after all.

No, We Won't

Can we just pretend the game ended there? Like it's a Little League game, and we go get ice cream now? Cuz that would be a damn fine play to go home on. No? Dammit. Okay, fine. Here's where it all comes apart.

Seventh Inning: Kevin Jepsen walks Matt Joyce in an epic (and boring) ten pitch at bat, cementing the Angels as winners of the Jepsen/Joyce trade. Navarro follows with a hard grounder up the third base line that Longo does a nice job knocking down and preventing a double, but can't recover to get anybody. First and second. Jepsen Ks Ianetta looking on a nice change up. Then Kubitza strokes a hard grounder toward Frosty. It's the kind of play we've been coming up with all night, but this one squeaks by a diving Logan into right. Souza comes up throwing, but it's too late to get Joyce. Tie game, Jepsen out (destroying my fantasy line in the process), Boxy in.

Erick Aybar ground to Forsythe, and the Rays try to turn two to end the inning, but the ball isn't hit hard enough. They get the force at second as Navarro scores, giving the Angels their first lead of the night, 3-2. Then with Trout at the plate, Aybar swipes second, Trout follows with a double, and it's 4-2. Boxy leaves, Guilmet comes in, and the game is over for all intents and purposes. Tough loss. But if three or four of these balls are hit an inch in a different direction, if they are hit a quarter mile an hour slower (or faster), if Longo or Frosty comes up with just one more great play, maybe we win this thing.

Or maybe we find another way to lose. Who the hell know? Baseball is funny that way.


Pujols wrapped up the scoring with a 2-run moon shot in the ninth off Guilmet. Hard to blame the guy, since he was into his third inning of work and had faced Pujols once already.


  • Garrett Richards was around 60 pitches after three innings. He would end up with just 94 pitches for his seven innings on the night. And I don't think it's necessarily because his command got that much sharper.
  • Joey Butler was thrown out trying to steal in the first. It was a nice idea. DeJesus was down in the count, there were two outs. Even if you're caught, DDJ gets to start next inning with a fresh count. And he got a great pitch to run on, a curve away that Ianetta had to reach across his body to catch and throw. And yet Butler was still out. No idea how that happened. He's not that slow. Just a terrible jump I guess.
  • Colome was again busted for going to his mouth. Didn't end up costing him anything besides a ball, but he's gonna have to rein that in.
  • First I've seen Guilmet pitch. Weird looking over-the-top delivery, and I'm pretty sure he's pronouncing his name wrong. His stuff looks interesting though.
  • Paul Abdul threw out the first pitch. Paula Abdul is weird.
  • Get 'em tomorrow. Go Rays!
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