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Erasmo Ramirez leaves game with groin strain

The injury bug appears to have hit the Rays again.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Erasmo Ramirez left the game one batter into the fourth inning today with an apparent injury that Todd Kalas reported on the broadcast as being a "right groin strain." After the 1-2 pitch to Francisco Lindor, Ramirez winced on the follow-through and grabbed his groin before being lifted, although as I rewatch the inning, I see that Ramirez also followed through gingerly on the previous pitch.

Community member Landlord pointed out in our game thread that Ramirez may have begun to injure his groin while covering first on a Michael Brantly groundout in the first inning. On the play, a high chopper to second base, Ramirez slipped as he stretched his right leg to find the bag.

The Rays traded for Ramirez this offseason after learning that both Alex Cobb and Drew Smyly would miss time with apparently minor arm issues. Since then, both Cobb's and Smyly's injuries have turned out to be more serious than originally anticipated, and Erasmo (after a two disastrous appearances to start the season) has developed into a valuable starter for the Rays, due in part to several changes in his approach under pitching coach Jim Hickey and the Rays.

Ignoring his first two appearances, he's posted a 2.36 ERA with 3.50 FIP and a 4.00 xFIP. He's struck out 20% of the batters he's faced, walked 7%, and produced a grounder 45% of the time.

Here is the list of Rays pitchers currently on the disabled list.

  1. Alex Cobb (60-day; Tommy John)
  2. Drew Smyly (60-day; attempting to rehab a torn labrum)
  3. Matt Moore (60-day; he's begun his rehab starts on the road back from Tommy John surgery)
  4. Jake Odorizzi (15-day; oblique strain)
  5. Andrew Bellatti (15-day; shoulder tendonitis)
  6. Burch Smith (60-day; Tommy John)
  7. Jeff Beliveau (60-day; torn labrum)
  8. Jose Dominguez (minor-league DL)
Alex Colome, Jake McGee, and C.J. Riefenhauser have spent time on the disabled list this season as well.

We will keep you updated as further news of the severity of his injury becomes available.

Update 6/21: Good news so far, although he hasn't yet tested it.