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Immediate reactions: Rays lose in twelve.

Perfect games for no one.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This game deserves a full recap, and it will get one. But it was played during the day, when no one was able to watch.

It was a really good game.

Nathan Karns carried a no-hitter into the sixth inning, when it was broken up by a Kevin Pillar single up the middle. Marcus Estrada carried a perfect game into the eighth inning, when it was broken up by a Logan Forsythe hustle infield single. Then both teams traded nail-biting zeroes, burning through their bullpens, until the twelfth inning, when Chris Colabello was able to drop a home run just over the left-center wall.

There were great defensive plays, by the sound of it, and there was poor baserunning, by the sound of it. There were chances for both teams to win earlier. In the end it will just go down as another loss. The baseball season is funny that way.

Source: FanGraphs

Till the full recap, then, tonight.