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Rays 3 - Red Sox 4: Failed bunt forces tenth inning, Rays come up short

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The Rays opened a three game weekend series against the basement dwelling Red Sox with a ten-inning loss at Tropicana Field.

Wish this image was from the ninth inning, but it wasn't.
Wish this image was from the ninth inning, but it wasn't.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Friday saw the Tampa Bay Rays take on that team from Massachusetts to start a three game set at Tropicana Field. The recently beleaguered Boston Red Sox, sitting in the basement of the AL East, eight games behind the Rays, struggling to control their social media needs at game time . . . But I'm piling on.

Alex Colome took the hill for the Rays, coming off a great outing in Cleveland. Colome worked six innings, giving up three runs on four hits while only striking out two batters. He wasn't quite the pitcher that worked a one-hit game a week ago, but he wasn't at his worst either.

His toughest inning was the second, where two runs came across to score. One was almost prevented on a fantastic diving attempt by Kevin Kiermaier on a fly ball to left-center of the bat of Alejandro De Aza. Kiermaier missed the play by inches, but the ball got past him, allowing Mike Napoli to make it a 1-0 Red Sox lead. After moving up to third, De Aza scored on a sac fly by Jackie Bradley Jr.

The Rays got one back in the bottom of the second off the bat of newly acquired first baseman Marc Krauss. He shot a low line drive fair up the first base line and into foul territory near the Rays' bullpen, scoring Logan Forsythe and advancing Asdrubal Cabrera to third.

The Red Sox scored their third run on a double steal in the fourth inning.  Blake Swihart was caught stealing on the throw by Curt Casali, but Mike Napoli came in from third in the process.

Tampa Bay evened things up in the bottom of the sixth inning when the Rays put runners at second and third for David DeJesus, who hit a sacrifice fly to right field, scoring Joey Butler and moving Evan Longoria to third. Longo came in to score on a wild pitch by Red Sox starter Rick Porcello. Tie ballgame, 3-3.

The Rays offense had its chance to win the game, but was incredibly disappointing in the ninth, and the debate on who should have hit - Brandon Guyer or Curt Casali - was muted by a terrible bunt attempt. The Rays had two on from a lead-off double by Asdrubal Cabrera and a walk from Jake Elmore, but couldn't bring either home.

If you're angry about the bunt, it's worth noting that the decision came with a three-man bench while looking at extra innings, and on the whole was uncharacteristic of Kevin Cash's season, so let's not hold it against the manager or player too long (whoever's decision that was).

When the game went to extra innings, the Rays turned to their recently perfect reliever, Steve Geltz. Unfortunately, his run of success came to an end on Friday. After giving up two baserunners, and managing to get two outs, a base hit by Brock Holt scored Mookie Betts, 4-3 Red Sox.

Koji Uehara came in and worked a perfect bottom half of the tenth to pick up the save.

Game Notes

- This was one helluva catch by Steven Souza Jr. and by the grace of the baseball gods he wasn't injured after showing some serious effort to track down this flyball over the wall.

- Marc Krauss quickly found success last night with some decent ranging around at first base and this RBI double. Nice addition, it would seem.

- Kevin Kiermaier threw out Mookie Betts last night, which is just delightful.

- And finally:

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