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Announcing the DRaysBay FanPost Competition

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends and analysts, and some of you who are both. It's not everyday we give out free stuff here at DRaysBay, in fact we never do, but that changes now!


DRaysBay exists to be a community about the Tampa Bay Rays while using smart analysis to discuss the team we love. We are looking for your submissions of such Rays analysis to continue in this vein. If your post is not Rays-related or also not-analysis, I reserve the right to not select it as a finalist.

With that in mind, your entry can focus on any aspect of the team, but should be a well-reasoned submission. Something you would expect to see on the front page of this site.

Your topic could range from a new statistical approach to a baseball concept or idea, to a well thought-out piece on a Rays trade target for the coming deadline, to a video analysis of Asdrubal Cabrera's defense. There's no requirement for what topic you choose other that it being a) analysis, and b) about the Rays.

If your work is excellent, do not be surprised to see it featured on the front page of the site! And if you have never written a FanPost before, please see our tutorial here.


  1. The title of your FanPost must begin with "DRBFC:" (without the quotes). From there, you can title it whatever you'd like. Asdrubal's Dribbling Skillz. Dickie's Baseball Adventure. Hatfield's Extraordinary Hat. I don't care, but if you'd like to win I'd recommend it have something to do with the content of your submission.
  2. The deadline for FanPost submission is July 14th, also the date of the All-Star Game in which probably no Rays players will appear, because come on. Is Logan Forsythe getting love? (Hope so!)
  3. You can have multiple submissions! Don't hesitate to submit multiple great ideas if you have them! But you can only win one prize. So if Sandy has the first, second, and third most votes for the contest, he's only winning once.
  4. Winners will be determined through a +1 commenting system once the finalists have been selected from the FanPost section by yours truly. Voting will take place of July 15th.
  5. Bonus rule: I reserve the right to invoke new rules as they become necessary! Because you're all garbage monsters and will find some way to muck this up.


Three level of prizes to be had:

  1. First Place: Two Rays flex packs! This includes the Rays Gift prize that accompanies the purchase of these flex packs as well, ranging from a tumbler, a t-shirt, a bobble head, a hat, a jacket, you choose! But if you don't live near Tropicana Field and are in, say, Boston? Then I'll give you a replacement Rays prize worth $100.
  2. Second Place: A really cool hat! There's lots of really cool hats in the mlb store, and I'll send you one of your choice and size.
  3. Third Place: A phone date with Hatfield! That's right, you'll get to talk to The Real Nolen Bailey on the phone for like half an hour.
  4. The actual Third Place prize! Something from the clearance section on the Rays website. After all, it's what $tu would do. No you don't get to choose.
These are real prizes! Honest-to-goodness prizes that you'd actually want to have in your life. We're looking for quality in these submissions and want this to be a very real and very cool opportunity. My hope is that it will be a lot of fun. If it's not, and no one plays the game, maybe I scrap the idea all together, but I have faith in y'all.

If you have questions about the contest, please post them below and I will try to answer as soon as possible.