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Game Notes: Ramirez vs Salazar

Garrett Whitley signed

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Cody Anderson continued his vendetta against the Rays. He's made two major league starts, both against Tampa Bay, totaling 15.2 innings pitched and has allowed just one run during that time, courtesy of a homer by Grady Sizemore. That homer made it a one run game, but the Rays bullpen imploded and the team eventually lost 7-1. Fortunately for the Rays, Baltimore lost as well, meaning that four teams are now separated by only one game for the division lead. The Rays and O's are tied, the Yankees are a half game back, meanwhile Toronto is a full game back.

Erasmo Ramirez has been everything the Rays have needed during the past two months, providing 5-7 innings a start while keeping the game within reach. His last time out was on June 20th against Cleveland but he was pulled after only three innings due to an apparent groin injury. The Rays decided to skip his next start, thanks to a fortunate off-day that allowed them do so while giving each starter equal days rest. Tonight, Ramirez will take on the Indians and Danny Salazar.

Ramirez is 6-2 with a 4.23 ERA and 3.70 FIP to go along with his 19.8 K% and 8.2 BB% over the course of seventeen games (ten starts). Meanwhile, opponents have slashed .233/.320/.327 off him in 257 trips to the plate.

Danny Salazar Scouting Report:

Salazar was signed at the ripe age of 16 by the Indians back in 2006. He's worked his way up through the minors and was even a top-10 prospect in Cleveland's system following the 2013 season, which saw him start and lose the AL Wild Card game against the Rays.

So far this season he is 6-3 with a 4.06 ERA and a 3.56 FIP to go along with his 30.4 K% and 6.7 BB% in thirteen starts. He last pitched on June 23rd against the Tigers and went 4.1 innings while allowing six runs on six hits, while three and striking out eight.

His Arsenal (he's been relying on fastball less and using his sinker more):

Fastball Mid to Upper 90's

47% vs LHB


53% vs RHB

Up in the zone, usually away Changes the eye level of the hitter, staying middle away
Cutter Low to Mid 90's

Less than 1% vs LHB


2% vs RHB

Sporadic Anywhere below the zone
Sinker Mid to Upper 90's

21% vs LHB


10% vs RHB

Keeps it down and away, nibbling at the edge of the zone. Will bury it inside, towards the hitters shins
Slider Mid to Upper 80's

3% vs LHB


10% vs RHB

Low and in Low and away, usually out of the zone
Splitter Mid to Upper 80's

26% vs LHB


19% vs RHB

Anywhere low or under the zone Anywhere low or under the zone
Curve Low 80's

5% vs LHB


6% vs RB

Sporadic Sporadic

Salazar has been generating more groundballs this year (46%) than any previous season. Meanwhile they're hitting line drives 19% and fly balls 35% of the time off him.

Salazar has been equally as tough on lefties this year as on righties. In 152 trips to the plate lefties have slashed .243/.307/.445 with 6 HR to go along with a 33.6 K% and 5.9 BB%. Meanwhile, righties have slashed .244/.305/.409 with 6 HR to go along with a 27.6 K% and 7.5 BB% in 174 trips to the plate.

Other Rays Notes:

- Rays have signed their #1 overall pick, Garrett Whitley. Chris Betts in expected to sign at some point this week.

- Rehab updates:

- For all the nerds who wanna take on Souza, here's his GT. Also, Ramirez seems like a really annoying person to travel with

- June 30th in team history, on which they are 9-5:

  • 1975 - Mike Judd / 1983 - Drew Sutton /1987 - Cole Figueroa are all born. They'd all spend a combined 49 games in a Tampa Bay uniform
  • 1999 - After allowing the Red Sox to comeback and tie the game in the bottom of the 9th, the Devil Rays score twice in the 10th thanks to an error and well timed singled from Miguel Cairo. The Red Sox tried to comeback again in the bottom half, but failed, giving the 9-8 victory to Tampa Bay.
  • 2002 - After allowing four runs in the first two innings against the Marlins, the Devil Rays came back and forced the game into extras. The Marlins would bring a run across in the 11th thanks to an error and a sac fly, but Tampa Bay would again tie the game in the bottom half. The following inning, the Devil Rays walked off after Steve Cox doubled and Brent Abernathy singled him in, winning the game, 6-5
  • 2006 - Tampa Bay homers five times in a blowout victory over the Nationals in Washington. Two were off the bat of Carl Crawford, the others were from Rocco Baldelli, Jorge Cantu, and Damon Hollins.
  • 2008 - In what had already been a dramatic season series against the Red Sox, Troy Percival was brought on to try and close out a Rays victory. Unfortunately he couldn't, as he allowed two men to score and left the tying run on third before being relieved by J.P. Howell, who managed to get weak contact from Julio Lugo for the final out of the game, securing a Rays victory.
  • 2013 - After Miguel Cabrera showed up the Rays closer, Fernando Rodney, in the previous night's game. Joe Maddon called upon his tall tattooed black belt, Kyle Farnsworth to pitch against Miguel Cabrera in a pure intimidation move. It worked (for the first pitch), but quickly wore off as Cabrera scorched a ball, but right at Kelly Johnson for an out.
  • 2014 - In a game that lasted 12 innings, thanks to Joey Peralta allowing a game tying solo-homer to Brian Roberts, the Rays would eventually come out winners after Logan Forsythe singled home Brandon Guyer, allowing the Rays to defeat the Yankees 4-3.