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GDT: Rays shoot for the stars vs. the Astros

go rasy

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty good pun, right? I thought of it like a couple of hours ago. It's pretty alright, in my opinion. I mean, I'm pretty close to the naming of it anyway, so I might not be as objective as most, but all in all I think it'll hold up under scrutiny. I was also considering something like "Houston, we have a problem" but I couldn't make it about the Rays as much so I just kind of ignored it. Ohhhh, wait a minute, maybe I could do something like "Houston, the Rays have a problem!" Oh wow that's almost better than this one. It might actually be better! Ugh, but now it's too late to change the title. Well, maybe I can use it for tomorrow. That might be a good idea. It would be nice to get a headstart on the GDT tomorrow, because it's always a good idea to work ahead.

Oh wow look the Rays are already losing 4-0. Well good game everyone.