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Rays 40-Man Roster mid-season update: Pitchers

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The Rays have reached the midway point in the season, defying the low expectations and an onslaught of injuries to key players, in second place in the AL East. They are 46-45, but are primed to make a run for the division as important players have just recently returned from extended stays on the DL.

The Rays have managed to stay relevant despite having sent 20 different players to the disabled list this season, and there's little reason to suspect they won't continue to do so. Here's how the Rays have gotten where they are today.


Matt Andriese - With the handful of injuries the Rays pitching staff has endured, Andriese has found himself up-and-down from the Ray rotation to Durham's. Andriese has given the Rays exactly what they needed as he has been usually reliable to pitch at least half the game and keep it within range for a victory. His past two starts have been among his best in a Rays uniform. He's currently pitching in the Bulls rotation

MLB Line: 3-2 / 3.11 ERA / 4.09 FIP / 16.6 K% / 5.2 BB% / 46.1 IP / 12 G

MiLB Line:  1-0 / 2.32 ERA / 2.23 FIP / 24.6 K& / 4.1 BB% / 31 IP / 7 G


Chris Archer - He has quickly established himself as one of the best pitchers in the game, confirmed by his all-star game selection. After entering spring training as the #3 in the rotation, Archer now reigns supreme. He has hit a few rough bumps in the road, but outside of those he has been outstanding. He's currently the ace of the Rays staff

MLB Line:  9-6 / 2.74 ERA / 2.65 FIP / 30.4 K% / 6.2 BB% / 121.2 IP / 19


Jeff Beliveau - After starting the year on the opening day roster, Beliveau struggled on the mound. Something was obviously off about him and he was placed on the DL. It was revealed a short while later that he had a torn labrum and would undergo season-ending surgery. He's currently on the 60-Day DL

MLB Line:  0-0 / 13.50 ERA / 7.58 FIP / 13.3 K% / 6.7 BB% / 2.2 IP / 5 G


Andrew Bellatti - With the rash of injuries, a toll had been taken on the Rays bullpen as the starters were only lasting 5-6 innings a game. Thus, Andrew Bellatti received a surprising call up in May. He's been excellent during his limited outings, riding an incredible slider and only giving up two runs (thanks to a HR from Albert Pujols) over 12 innings of work. He was placed on the DL in June, but has since been activated and is currently with Durham.

MLB Line:  2-0 / 1.50 ERA / 4.33 FIP / 22.0 K% / 14.0 BB% / 12 IP / 5 G

MiLB Line:  2-0 / 3.08 ERA / 2.14 FIP / 22.2 K% / 6.5 BB% / 26.1 IP / 7 G


Brad Boxberger - His performance has been a little shaky as of late, but seems to have shaken that off based on his past two outings. When Jake McGee was on the DL, Boxberger filled in splendidly as the closer earning an allstar game selection. During June, he experienced some soreness, and over the past few weeks has apparently been tipping pitches, but hopefully that's behind him. He's currently serving in the backend of the Rays bullpen.

MLB Line:  4-5 / 3.25 ERA / 3.80 FIP / 31.20 K% / 11.7 BB% / 36 IP / 40 G


Xavier Cedeno - After bouncing around on the waiver wire back in April, the Rays picked him up and have gotten plenty of use of him since then. Although he hasn't bee lights out, he's been serviceable as the LOOGY in the pen. He's currently pitching in the Rays bullpen.

MLB Line:  1-1 / 2.91 ERA / 4.18 FIP / 16.7 K% / 10.4 BB% / 21.2 IP / 34 G


Alex Cobb - Heading into spring training, Alex Cobb looked primed to become one of baseball's elite pitchers. Unfortunately after leaving a spring training start with discomfort in his throwing arm, it was revealed he had tendinitis. Again, unfortunately, that was a misdiagnosis as it was revealed he had a torn UCL and required Tommy John Surgery sidelining him for the 2015 season and at least half of 2016.

MLB Line:  Hasn't pitched in 2015


Alex Colome - Colome just could not catch a break during spring training as visa issues delayed him arriving to camp on time. Then, when he finally did arrive, he suffered a case of pneumonia. He'd be activated from the DL in May and has been highly inconsistent, mixing solid outings with poor ones. With the returns of Matt Moore and Jake Odorizzi, Colome currently finds himself serving out of the Rays bullpen.

MLB Line:  3-4 / 4.85 ERA / 4.46 FIP / 14.7 K% / 7.7 BB% / 72.1 IP / 15 G


Jose Dominguez - He was acquired in the Joel Peralta deal this past off-season and was hyped up as having a fastball that touched triple digits. He entered spring training and everyone was excited seeing how is fastball already had so much life that early on. However, after he was promoted during the early part of the season, his fastball ranged in the low 90's and he quickly was demoted back to Durham and transferred to the Disabled List. He has since been activated and is currently working out of Durham's bullpen.

MLB Line:  1-0 / 0.00 ERA / 2.37 FIP / 26.3 K% / 10.5 BB% / 5.2 IP / 4 G

MiLB Line:  0-2 / 7.20 ERA / 6.07 ERA / 22.6 K% / 17.0 BB% / 10 IP / 14 G


Grayson Garvin - One of the numerous first round picks from the 2011 draft, Garvin has dealt with injuries throughout his career, with 2015 being no exception. Before the beginning of the season, he suffered a lat. strain that was supposed to sideline him for 4-6 weeks, but it's July and he still hasn't thrown a pitch. He's currently on the 60-Day DL.

Hasn't pitched in 2015


Steve Geltz - He has been dubbed a swiss army knife after how he's been used this year and how well he has fared. Kevin Cash has used Geltz in pretty much any situation this year as he made a spot start earlier this season, while has also closed out some game. He's been used in plenty of high leverage situations as well. During the month of June, he set a new team record as he sat down 32 batters in a row. Since that time, however, he has been a little shaky. He's currently pitching of the Rays bullpen.

MLB Line:  1-4 / 3.40 ERA / 3.36 FIP / 27.0 K% / 9.2 BB% / 42,1 IP / 41 G


Brandon Gomes - Having a decent year for Rays, serving as a middle reliever. Has struggled some, but more than likely just because of the situation in which he was placed. Currently out of options, so would need to be placed on waivers in order to demote him to Durham. Currently serving in the Rays bullpen.

MLB Line:  1-4 / 3.68 ERA / 4.47 FIP / 17.6 K% / 7.2 BB% / 29.1 IP / 30 G


Kevin Jepsen - After being picked up in the Matt Joyce deal over the offseason, Jepsen has served as a setup man in the Rays pen. He's had a few shaky outings but he's been used in almost half the team's games, so that's understandable. The fact he's stayed healthy all season is a victory in itself.

MLB Line: 1-5 / 3.11 ERA / 4.24 FIP / 19.3 K% / 11.2 BB% / 37.2 IP / 42 G


Nathan Karns - After coming to camp thinking he was going to have battle for a spot in the rotation, he was pretty much handed the #3 spot after the rash of injuries. Although he has not been great, Karns has been all you could hope for and he's actually been consistently better as the year has progressed. He's currently in the Rays rotation.

MLB Line:  4-5 / 3.63 ERA / 3.73 FIP / 22.6 K% / 8.7 BB% / 104 IP / 18 G


Jake McGee - He started the season on the DL after undergoing surgery on his left elbow to remove a loose body, and returned to the team in mid-May after a brief rehab assignment. Initially, there were some question marks about his velocity, but those were quickly extinguished. Since his return, he has been Tampa Bay's most effective reliever, but he's been sparingly used as Kevin Cash eases him back into form. He's currently serving in the backend of the team's bullpen.

MLB Line:  0-0 / 1.37 ERA / 1.09 FIP / 39.7 K% / 2.7 BB% / 19.2 IP / 21 G

MiLB Line:  0-0 / 0.00 ERA /  3.17 FIP / 25.0 K% / 16.7 BB% / 6 IP / 6 G (A+/AAA)


Matt Moore - After spending 14 months recovering from Tommy John Surgery, Moore has finally returned to the Rays. He has been less than dominant since his return, but he is a most welcomed addition to the Rays rotation. His velocity has been improving since his return, as has his control. But he still requires major work to get back to the pitcher he once was. He's currently pitching in the Rays rotation.

MLB Line:  1-0 / 7.07 ERA / 5.72 FIP / 11.8 K% / 10.3 BB% / 14 IP / 3 G

MiLB Line:  0-2 / 2.95 ERA / 4.02 FIP  / 26.4 K% / 8.8 BB% / 21.1 IP / 5 G (A+/AAA)


Jake Odorizzi - There's no doubt Odorizzi has quickly established himself as one of the best up and coming pitchers in baseball. He probably should have been an all-star if he hadn't suffered an injury that cost him a full month of the season. However when he returned, he picked up right where he left off, throwing six scoreless innings. He's currently the #2 in the Rays rotation and is primed to make a strong run the rest of the season.

MLB Line:  5-5 / 2.30 ERA / 2.94 FIP / 20.6 K% / 5.5 BB% / 82.1 IP / 13 G

MiLB Line:  0-0 / 0.93 ERA / 2.15 FIP / 22.2 K% / 5.6 BB% / 9.2 IP / 2 G (A+)


Erasmo Ramirez - Acquired just days before the first game of the season for prospect Mike Montgomery. The move was slammed at first due to Montgomery's proximity to the majors and his potential, and those who slammed it only received more ammunition after Ramirez's first two outings with Tampa Bay were disastrous. However, since that time (April 19th) he has been among the league's best starters. Although he doesn't pitch too deep into games, he usually limits the opposing team to under three runs giving the Rays a chance to win the ballgame. He's currently the #3 in the Rays rotation.

MLB Line:  8-3 / 3.63 ERA / 3.88 FIP / 20.4 K% / 8.1 BB% / 79.1 IP / 20 G


C.J. Riefenhauser - He has been up a couple of different times this year, pitching in low leverage, mop up roles. He has also been one of numerous Rays to be placed on the disabled list this season. He's currently pitching in Durham's bullpen.

MLB Line:  1-0 / 9.95 ERA / 8.44 FIP / 7.1 K% / 14.3 BB% / 6.1 IP / 6 G

MiLB Line:  2-2  3.71 ERA / 2.76 FIP / 19.7 K% / 8.5 BB% / 17 IP / 14 G (A+/AAA)


Enny Romero - In spring training, it was looking like Romero might be in line for a job in the starting rotation due to the injuries. However, he would suffer the same fate as several other pitchers, as he strained a muscle in his back causing him to start the season on the DL. Once he was activated, he was converted back into a reliever, but has failed to harness control of his pitches. He's currently pitching in Durham.

MLB Line:  0-0 / 7.84 ERA / 3.17 FIP / 19.2 K% / 13.5 BB% / 10.1 IP / 5 G

MiLB Line:  1-1 / 4.37 ERA / 2.97 FIP / 23.8 K% / 8.0 BB% / 35 IP / 12 G (A+/AAA)


Burch Smith - One of the players to be acquired in the Wil Myers deal, Smith went into spring training competing for a starting rotation spot. He wouldn't win, unfortunately, and in early April it was revealed (as several people predicted) that he'd have to undergo Tommy John Surgery, sidelining him for all of 2015 and at least half of 2016. Had he been healthy, Smith likely would have had several starts already this year.

Hasn't pitched in 2015


Drew Smyly - Smyly started the season on the DL after experiencing tendinitis in his throwing shoulder. He was able to being a rehab assignment in April and returned in May, but his return was short lived as he was only have pitch in three games before hitting the DL again. Early reports indicated he'd have to undergo surgery, but those reports were just speculation as Smyly decided to try and rehab the shoulder which was revealed to have a labrum tear. It is not clear whether the tear is recent, and he is expected back sometime in August.

MLB Line:  0-1 / 2.70 ERA / 4.22 FIP / 33.3 K% / 4.8 BB% / 16.2 IP / 3 G

MiLB Line:  0-0 / 0.00 ERA / 2.20 FIP / 28.1 K% / 9.4 BB% / 8.2 IP / 3 G (A+/AAA)


Kirby Yates - Yates has struggled during his limited time with Tampa Bay this year, splitting time between Durham and the majors. He has also spent some time on the DL as well, spending the entire month of May on the shelf. He'd be activated towards the middle of June. He's currently pitching in Durham's bullpen.

MLB Line:  0-0 / 6.14 ERA / 6.08 FIP / 30.3 K% / 13.5 BB% / 7.1 IP / 8 G

MiLB Line:  0-1 / 7.20 ERA / 5.30 FIP / 23.9 K% / 11.3 BB% / 15 IP / 14 G (A+/AAA)