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Rays Unveil Honor Pass

Free Entrance to All Remaining Home Game For Military Personnel (Active or Retired)

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Every one has probably heard the tragic news out of Chattanooga, Tennessee that occurred yesterday afternoon. In wake of this horrible incident, the Rays have made a noble gesture towards all military personnel

They dubbed it the 'Honor Pass' and with it, military personnel (active or retired) will have free entrance to all remaining Rays home games.

There are currently 33 games remaining to be played at the Trop and the Honor Pass will grant military personnel free tickets to each game, including a complimentary plus one to each as well. The Pass can only be used if it's two hours or closer to game time.

Also, those with the Pass will not be eligible for postseason games, including a potential tie breaker game.

For more information, here's the team's direct link.