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Reports: Rays Open To Trading DeJesus, Jaso, and Jepsen

According to Chris Cotillo, the Rays are open to trading the three veteran players.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This report coming from Chris Cotillo of SBNation can be read in it's entirety here.

If the Rays are willing to sell, the veterans who are the most likely to be moved are David DeJesus, John Jaso and Kevin Jepsen, according to a source. Multiple teams have reached out with interest in the team's controllable starters (Nathan Karns, Erasmo Ramirez and Alex Colome) and relievers (Brad Boxberger and Jake McGee), though the Rays would have to be overwhelmed to part with any of those arms.

The fact that the Rays are open to the possibility of trading David DeJesus, John Jaso, and Kevin Jepsen should come as no surprise. They keep losing ground in the standings and the team just wasn't that talented to begin with.

DeJesus, who we mentioned as a possibility in a previous post, is the most obvious candidate. He's cooled off considerably after a hot start to the season but can still provide a good boost to a contending team as a fourth outfielder/part time DH. His contract runs out after the season, but there is a $5m club option that will likely be declined.

It was surprising to hear John Jaso's name included only because the Rays traded for him just last off season. He's going to be a free agent after the season and I doubt the Rays re-sign him, so getting something for him before he departs would be a plus. He's been on fire since coming off the disabled list after missing the first few months, so selling high on him seems like a good idea if you don't think you can contend. The trade of Zobrist wouldn't be for naught, as Daniel Robertson is holding is own at shortstop in Double-A Montgomery.

The Rays really only have three relievers of any value, and two, Jake McGee and Brad Boxberger, aren't going anywhere. The third, Jepsen, who they acquired in the trade of Matt Joyce, has a pretty 2.88 ERA but a 4.12 FIP and is walking over four batters per nine innings. Like Jaso, if you can get something for Jepsen and avoid going to arbitration and paying him more than the $3m he makes now you should probably do it.

No way they trade Nathan Karns or Erasmo Ramire with how well they've pitched and how cheap and team controlled they are. The cheap and team controlled part goes for Colome as well.

Cotillo's piece also suggest the Rays could buy offense at the deadline as well with catcher being the focal point. A player like Jonathon Lucroy isn't likely, so any addition they do make will be on a small scale.