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Is it time for the Rays to replace Brandon Gomes?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Gomes is currently with the Rays due to one reason, he doesn't have any options and the team doesn't want to risk losing him on the waiver wire. At best, he's been a mopup reliever this season, but for some reason he has been used in high-leverage situations and has floundered.

Acquired before the start of the 2011 season, Gomes was probably the highest regarded piece in the deal that pretty much rebuilt the Rays bullpen that season. Gomes has been up and down with the Rays over the past few season, sometimes showing glimpses of being the elite arm the team hoped he'd become but unfortunately he has fallen off a cliff this year.

Gomes had an excellent spring heading into the 2015 season, but was one of the last players to be reassigned to the minor league camp. He'd start the season with Durham but would only spend a few weeks there before being promoted after Grant Balfour was DFA'd.

Gomes actually had a decent start with the Rays, not allowing a run during 12 of his first 14 appearances. However, as of late, Gomes has been dreadful. Since May 25th, Gomes has thrown in 19 games, and during that time he has allowed 13 runs in 16 innings of work, including four homers.

Possibly factoring into Gomes' nosedive is the high usage of his fastball and the fact that he's been relying less and less on his secondary stuff, which can be seen below.


Throughout his career, Gomes has been great at getting righties out -- pretty much the only reason to bring him out of the pen is to face a righty. However, this season, righties have hit .290 off him with four homers.

However, if Gomes is DFA'd, who is there to be promoted?

Durham currently features a bullpen that consist of Enny Romero*, Jose Dominguez*, Kirby Yates*, Jordan Noberto, Andrew Bellatti*, Jhan Marinez, and C.J. Riefenhauser*.

*Currently on the 40-man roster

Romero has been up a couple of time this year and hasn't been able to harness control of his pitches. Dominguez was up for a cup of coffee as well earlier this year, but his velocity was way down and he'd actually go on the DL after being demoted back down to Durham, where so far he has struggled this year. Kirby Yates is probably the most likely to receiver a promotion if Gomes is DFA'd as he has spent the most time in the majors this year out of any of the options. Noberto's main asset is the fact that he's left handed, as the Rays could use antoher lefty in the pen, although he has also struggled in Durham this year. Andrew Bellatti has been excellent during his time with the Rays this season, but he has served more as a long relief pitcher and may not be what the Rays need to replace Gomes. Jhan Marinez has pitched well for Durham this year and was actually an International League all-star this year. Riefenhauser has also struggled this year with both Durham and Tampa Bay, also spending time on the DL.

Pretty much all of those option are more enticing than what Gomes has brought to the table this season, but there's also the option to acquire another bullpen arm at the trade deadline to replace Gomes. We will soon see whether or not the Rays choose to keep Gomes in their 'pen.