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Reactions to the David DeJesus trade

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Here are all the initial reactions to the news this evening that the Rays have traded David DeJesus to the Angels for RHP prospect Eduar Lopez.

Personally, I will miss him, but it's hard to not be happy for DeJesus, who earns another post season opportunity with the Angels, but more importantly gets to go home:

For the Rays, it appears this was somewhat of an inevitability, as well as a cost saving meneuver:

In turn, it would make sense to promote Grady Sizemore back to the show to replenish outfield depth until Jennings returns. Having been recently sent down, Sizemore will be eligible to be promoted on Friday.

On the return, BA's No. 22 prospect in the Angels system:

...and just to reminisce on his role as one of the "splash bros" this season: