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Kevin Kiermaier gets the Statcast treatment

A play that might have gone down in history.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Kiermaier's absolutely incredible leaping grab in center field to preserve what was - at the time - a perfect game fore Chris Archer, has been given the full Statcast treatment.

It's more incredible than you remember.

For all those who wonder, you can see Kiermaier covers a distance of nearly 100 feet with a 93.3% route efficiency! How do you catch this running at a full sprint!?

At the time of the leap-grab-dive-crash-laugh it off play, I was so very convinced that THIS was "The Catch." The iconic catch that would hit all the high light reels to showcase Archer's perfect game against the Tigers.

Five years to the week separated from Matt Garza's no-hitter against the Tigers, also thrown by No. 22 on the mound. It all felt meant to be! And the slider had never looked better.

Unfortunately, you need a heavy dose of luck to make perfect games happen, and there was nothing to be done about this infield single:

What a ridiculously difficult play! And goodness that was close.

Next time, Arch...