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Chris Archer is all in

Did you ever doubt?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When David Price was traded to Toronto, I opined that the strengthening of an in-division wildcard rival might be a reason for Rays GM Matt Silverman to lean more toward selling on this season with an eye to the future. Of course, that's not the only possible response, and it's not the response you want from the actual baseball players on your team.

Chris Archer sees the Blue Jays half a game ahead of him, acquiring his friend and fellow ace, and his response is "Okay, let's go."

First off:

And then:

Of course, "big bats" don't come free, and we all know that the Rays don't go "all in as a matter of policy" but if the Rays really are listening to offers on Nathan Karns, acquiring a middle-of-the-lineup slugger may not be out of the question. Trading Karns is probably not what Archer is thinking of here, and if that trade were to happen, it probably won't make the Rays better in 2015, but still, we love the attitude, Archer.