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Rays Tank: S-Rod goes horizontal

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Your one-stop-shop for complaining about your favorite baseball team.

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Welcome to the Rays Tank, where the rays are sweet little sunbeams and the tanks are T-90A battle tanks. You got a problem with that? Good Now if you don't mind, before we get to the Link Dump and Banal Chatter, we're gonna take a look at what happened during This Day in Baseball History. Ladies, gentlemen, and Toppers, I give: August 17th.

Our first stop takes us to Los Angelheim in 2012 for a memorable Rays moment. Now, Sean Rodriguez was like a box of chocolates when he was with us; leave him out in the sun too long and he'd turn into a big, nasty blog of Red 40, Yellow 5, pig tendons, beeswax, fumaric acid, and corn syrup. But sometimes, if you were patient enough, you'd get to see Good Sean. Like here:

And how about that mouth on Torii Hunter? Looks like his Bertie Bott Bean was earwax-flavored.


Onward! Er..backwards, to 2010, for our ex-Ray highlight. Here Josh Wilson makes a great diving stop. And then does...well, then he does Josh Wilson things.

Hey, at least he kept the run from scoring.


Stop #3 takes us to Los Angeles, where the perpetually mediocre Kevin Gross gives himself a helluva nice birthday present.

I want Vin Scully to call my birthday party.


An interlude. Please enjoy the dulcet tones of Ozzy Ozbourne and his rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame from this date in 1993.

Some things just defy description.


For our last stop, watch Carlton Fisk become the all-time homeruneringest catcher in baseball history with 328 as he passed Johnny Bench.

Sometimes I wonder what the Rays would do if they ever had a catcher like Fisk. Then I realize they'd just trade him to the Rangers for a low-A reliever.


Here's some other stuff that happened on August 17th:

  • 1894: Jack Wadsworth of the Louisville National League club gives up 28 singles in one game. The Colonels lose to the Phillies 29-4. Wadsworth's "feat" is still a record.
  • 1920: Ray Chapman dies from injuries sustained from being beaned by Carl Mays on August 16. Chapman is still the only player to die from an in-game incident.
  • 1933: Lou Gehrig breaks Everett Scott's consecutive games played mark with his 1,308th straight game.
  • 1957: Richie Ashburn hits the same spectator twice with foul balls in the same at bat, once in the face, and once as she is being put on a stretcher. The woman is the wife of Earl Roth, sports editor of the Philadelphia Bulletin. Somehow, Whitey and the Roths remain friends.
  • 1972: Willie Mays hits his 660th and final home run.

But enough about ancient history. What's going on with Your Rays right now? As promised, here's your Link Dump.

Runners on second and third, one out. Fly ball is caught for second out, with runner at third tagging and coming home. Runner on second doesn’t tag; he takes off for third and outfielder throws behind him, successfully doubling him up for third out. Runner who tagged crossed plate before out was recorded at second.

Does the run count?