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Due to a request about a month ago, here are the banners that I have developed this season. I'll continue to add to this list as the season progresses.


Bases Loaded Walk Champions - Originated after the team pulled off several walks with the bases loaded over a short period of time, that was pretty much the only offensive output of the team.

Bases Loaded Walk


Disabled List Champions - Originated after the team placed their 12th player on the disabled list during the month of April



Sliding Past the Base Champions - Originated after Kevin Kiermaier overslid third base and was nearly tagged out. Several members of the Rays had been tagged out previously for doing the exact same thing.



Leaving the Bases Loaded Champions - Originated after the Rays left the bases loaded yet again



Doing Nothing At the Trade Deadline Champions - Inspired by the classic 'Do Nothing' list for Andrew Friedman, the Rays usually do nothing of consequence at the yearly trade deadline having only completed seven deals on that date during the team's history.



Worst Replay Challengers Champions - Originated after Kevin Cash once again failed to overturn a replay. He started the season with an 0-11 streak I believe before finally having one go the Rays way



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