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Rays Tank: He's just not a first baseman

Your one-stop-shop for complaining about your favorite baseball team

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Welcome to the Rays Tank, where the Rays are Charleses and the tanks are wooden like my jokes. But before we get to the Link Dump and the Banal Chatter, let's take a look at what happened on This Day in Baseball. Ladies, Gentlemen, and Lizzies, I give: August 21st.


We're at the Trop in 2012 for our Classic Rays Highlight, when Ben Zobrist demonstrates that a rich man can get into the Kingdom of Heaven if he really wants to by threading a horse(hide) through the eye of Keppinger's needlework.

It was either that or a wardrobe malfunction joke.


Walk offs are pretty common these days. Throw offs? Not so much. Watch Austin Jackson pull one off in 2011 against Cleveland.

And Papa Grande gets the save! Dude is so money.


Our ex-Ray clip takes to Baltimore in 2010, where Julio Lugo take a mighty swing.

I don't even know what happened on that play. The only thing I do know is that it's the saddest swinging bunt RBI single I've ever seen.


If you had asked me before the dawn of the 90s about which then-current players were Hall of Fame locks, Dale Murphy would be near the top of my list. Here his is hitting his 300th homer off Brian Fischer on this day in 1987.

From his first cup of coffee in 1976 to his last all-star year in 1987 -- just his age 31 season -- Murphy slashed .279/.362/.500, with 310 home runs, two MVPs, five gold glove, and even threw in 145 steals. From 1988 through the end of his career in 1993, Murph added just 88 homers to his total despite being a starter for most of this period, slashing just 234/.307/.396. I mean, everybody gets old some time. But most of us don't get old all at once. But seriously, don't do drugs.


Here's some other stuff that happened on August 21st:

  • 1883: The Philadelphia Quakers rout the Providence Grays 28-0. And you thought Quakers were pacifists.
  • 1926: Ted Lyons of the White Sox no-hits the Red Sox in an hour and seven minutes.
  • 1931: Babe Ruth hits home run number 600. It hardly counts, though, because it's against the Browns, and the only thing more laughable than today's Cleveland Browns football was yesterday's St. Louis Brown baseball.
  • 1947: The first Little League World Series is held in Williamsport, PA. The Maynard League from Williamsport beats Lock Haven (PA) Little League 16-7 for the title. They also beat some team called Brandon League along the way, but I don't think it's that Brandon League .
  • 1948: Aaron Robinson goes deep off Bob Lemon, snapping the 47-inning scoreless streak by Cleveland pitchers. The White Sox win 3-2.
  • 1949: Phillies fans throw bottles at the umpire, leading to the first major league forfeit in seven years. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • 1982: Rollie Fingers notches his 300th save in a Brewers win over Seattle. He is the first player to reach that milestone.


But enough about ancient history. What's going on with Your Rays? As promised, here's your Link Dump:

  • Tony Blengino takes a close look at Erasmo Ramirez's success. Aside from the analysis, this is worth reading because Blengino knew Erasmo and how the Mariners (mis)handled him from his time in the Mariners front office.
  • Gerald Laird is available if the Rays are interested (they probably shouldn't be).
  • You know who's keeping Laird from having a chance to make it onto the Diamondbacks roster? This guy.