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A's 8, Rays 2 - Bullpen Goes Boom

A nightmare of a seventh inning was the story of the game, as Rays pitching allowed seven unanswered runs in the bottom of the frame

Probably the exact face Jake made as he watched the 7th inning.
Probably the exact face Jake made as he watched the 7th inning.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Well it started out ok. The Rays played 7 1/2 innings of competitive baseball, and even held the lead before the Oakland bats erupted in the bottom of the seventh. Aside from a Mark Canha RBI single after a Billy Burns triple in the bottom of the fourth to put the A's up 1-0, all of today's runs were scored in that fateful seventh inning.

Heck, the seventh started off just fine. John Jaso walked to lead off the inning, and was pulled for the speedy wheels of Kevin Kiermaier. A Forsythe ground out advanced Kiermaier to second, and a Cabby single to left sent him to third base. A pinch-hitting Desmond Jennings did not disappoint, as he delivered a sac fly to center field, plenty deep enough to allow Kiermaier to tag up and score to tie the game 1-1.

A clearly rattled Sean Doolittle walked Brandon Guyer to move Cabby into scoring position before being replaced by Fernando Rodriguez. Rene Rivera put the Rays ahead with a first-pitch liner to right that sent Cabrera charging home from second base. 2-1 Rays.

... and that's the end of the good news, folks. Feel free to skip straight to the comments from here.

I warned you.

Ok, here goes.

Jake Odorizzi had been solid today, scattering four strikeouts and three hits over six frames before walking his first batter in the seventh. At 94 pitches, Kevin Cash had seen enough, and opted to pull Odorizzi in favor of the bullpen... specifically Steve Geltz.

Here's how that went:

  1. Stephen Vogt double
  2. Brett Lawrie single (scoring Danny Valencia) 2-2  (though Kiermaier did gun down Vogt at home, so technically there was still some good news to come)
  3. Billy Butler double
  4. Eric Sogard single (scoring Brett Lawrie and Billy Butler) 4-2
  5. Sam Fuld walk
Ok, so the Geltz idea wasn't so hot. Let's give Matt Andriese a shot.

Here's how that went:
  1. Billy Burns single
  2. Mark Canha triple (scoring everyone not named Mark Canha) 7-2(!!)
  3. Josh Reddick strikeout HURRAY!!!!
  4. Danny Valencia single (scoring Mark Canha) 8-2
  5. Stephen Vogt single
Yep. You read that right. Danny Valencia and Steven Vogt again. The A's batted around.

Enny Romero pitched the garbage time bottom of the eighth, but there was no way these Rays bats were going to score five runs to climb back into this thing.

Today's loss puts the Rays back at .500 (62-62), but still just 2.5 games away from Texas for the second Wild Card slot. The season was over a good while ago, but our boys are technically still in this thing.

The Rays have the day off tomorrow in celebration of Jameis Day at Raymond James Stadium, before hosting the Twins and Royals in the city they play in that is not Tampa.

Go Rays!

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